Pedestrian Systems

Surveillance & Monitoring

Surveillance & Anti-Escape

Surveillance ACTIVE System has been projected thinking to all the problems due to concerning the control of old people unable or with mind troubles, kids and children, etc and its studied for nursing homes and hospitals.

This system &lows working on two different sides: from one side we have got continuous nd careful control in the full respect of the need of the person, from the other side we will reduce the number of the people added to this control.

The ANTI-ESCAPE system is based on proximity technology (“hands free”) and its made by little portable transmitters (transponders or TAG) under the form of bracelet or credit card: in case of transit by the person with these systems next to doors or gates with antennas, the system can activate an acoustic or lighting signal (Ex: siren or lightning) or to release an electric-lock allowing a ready participation.

The ANTI ESCAPE System follows all the most recent regulations and European safety standards and it can be completely completed with others anti-robbery devices and similar items.

People Monitoring

Every patient has got a TAG (ACTIVE-940) similar to a watch (*) and the loop antennas are enclosed inside the doors jambs and/or planted under the floor to check. The TAG has got a code that allows identifying the patient while he is walking next to the controlled door: after this recognition the system is able to give a signal (acoustic or visual) or block an electric-lock, saving the data (hour, movement, Tag code) for prints elaborations and statistics.

Child Monitoring

In order to prevent kidnappings or changes, every kid will wear (on the wrist or on the leg) a bracelet TAG (ACTIVE-940) that only the authorised
personnel can take off. This bracelet allows the activation of an alarm when the kid is moved over a door, and its an immediate recognition signal.
(*) the TAG doesn’t give any kind of problem or disturb to the pace makers users.

Counter Control Systems

RADIO-CODE 2000 is the ideal solution to control the problem of the QUEUE. Ideal for: banks, post offices, supermarkets etc.

RADIO-CODE 2000 works by radio system and has the great advantage not to use connection cables with consequent saving of time and costs

Every Customer who wants to approach to the RADIO-CODE 2000 service must take, next appropriate vending machine, the ticket with progressive number and therefore to wait for its own turn. On the luminous unit will appear the progressive tickets number (red writing) and that one of free counter (green writing).

The operator must press the call push-button of his luminous terminal when he wants indicate its own availability:

acoustic signalling;
red wriften AWAIT is turned off, green wriften COUNTER is turned on
TICKET’S number is increased;
The number of the free counter is visualized, between a number and another one there is an interval for about six seconds;