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Membership Control Systems

Contact Information

All of the basic contact information is available, including the complete name, photograph, company name, address, email, telephone, website, occupation/job title, reference, etc. In addition, Membership Professional allows for unlimited addresses per membership record and even allows you to assign a date range within which each address is valid so the system can automatically keep track of the “current” address. This “current address” feature is a real time-saver when members have different summer and winter addresses!

Membership Types

Most clubs are made up of many members, and each member is assigned a particular “status” that designates the type of membership the person holds. Memberships with a predefined set of statuses, but also allows you to add to them, or delete them all and define your own.

So regardless of whether your club has statuses like “Family” and “Single” or more generic terms like “Prospect” and “Regular”, Membership will let you set up exactly what you need. In addition, a little extra setup work will let the system automatically move members from one status to another as their memberships expire. Never worry about who is active and inactive again!

Dues Payment

Membership enables you to enter any number of dues payments for each membership record. Memberships (standard version) lets you enter the amount and date paid, the membership status purchased, and additional comments. Once you have set up your dues information, you can also use the Dues Calculator to figure the amount of dues owed for a given status for a given month. Credit card information can also be stored per member for one or more cards. Membership Professional expands the dues functionality to give you individual dues “accounts” to which you can post both debit and credit entries using a system of dues Posting Types.

Roles & Achievements

If your club recognizes members for their achievements, tracks offices or positions held, or just needs to know when someone was involved in a particular type of activity, you can record it using membership or club “Items.” Items are used as a generic way of describing all of the “things” your members can be involved in. You can create distinct item categories, such as “Member Achievements” or, “Offices,” and then assign items to those. For example, in the Offices category, you might create items of “President” and “Vice President.” Then you could assign the Offices/President item to the person who held that position, and add a comment indicating the year they were in office. Items and Item Categories can be used very creatively!

To Do Lists

Every busy club has things that need to be done. Sometimes the To do is related to a specific member, and other times it is more generic. Sometimes you (the user of Membership) needs a reminder just for yourself. The To do List feature in Membership enables you to track To do items for any membership or club record, or for yourself. You can print your outstanding To do list, display future items, and of course, mark them as done as you complete them.