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Here at Auto Entry Systems we pride ourselves on delivering high quality gate and door automation as well as intercoms and access control. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products at competitive prices.

Automatic Gates

Auto Entry Systems offer both sliding and swing gate systems at a highly competitive price. With over 25 years experience in the maintenance and install of electronic gates you can be confident in our ability to offer you the best price as well as expert advice  from our professional engineers. Auto Entry Systems proudly Ditec which we have over 2 decades of experience with.


Safety and practicality start from the entrance of a building: entrances for block of flats and for industrial and commercial sites can be automated by selecting from the wide range of automatic gates DITEC, which ensure long term reliability, style and smart look, and superbly blend in with the style of the gate. From the unobtrusive underground actuators which allow the gate to be operated without affecting its style or look, to the more elaborate actuators, which superbly satisfy any requirement and can be used on modern or classical frames, to gate automatons, designed for very heavy duty applications, ideal for industrial sites and communities.

Cubic 6 - Underground Automation

Underground Automation for Swing Gates

Valuable gates or those of a special shape require ‘invisible’ automatic systems to avoid altering their aesthetic appearance. The underground range has been designed with such needs in mind and its compact dimensions make it ideal for burial beneath existing paving, especially that of high artistic value.

Underground geared motors designed to move even gates subject to heavy use. The systems is ‘invisibly’ housed beneath the leaf, aligned with the hinge and is able to guarantee the reliable opening of even the largest gates.

Ditec entramtic cubic6 underground swing gate automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Gates

Arc - Overground Automation

External Automation for Swing Gates

Automatic system with articulated arms for the motorization of all types of gates leaves, even those positioned on large pillars.

Arc key release system is easy to access. In case of power failure, the 24 V DC version ensures some emergency automatic operations, taking the necessary power supply from the battery (optional)

arc articulated arm overground Electric Gate Automation

Cross - Automation for Sliding Gates

Automation for Sliding Gates

Sliding gates represent a category of electronic gates, easy to install and reliable motorized systems which is also attractively designed. The cross range is able to satisfy all these requirement.

CROSS 7E – A very reliable sliding gate system for gates up to 600kg. Suitable for most residential electronic sliding gate automatons.

CROSS 18VE – A very powerful geared motor, with magnetic end of stroke devices, capable of motorizing gates weighing up to 1400kg and is suitable for large sliding gates and intensive use.

CROSS 30E – Is a very powerful geared motor, with magnetic end of stroke devices, capable of motorizing gates weighing up to 3000kg and is suitable for very large sliding  gates and intensive use.

Ditec Entrematic cross industrial sliding gate automation Automatic Gate Auto Entry Systems

PWR - Overground Gate Automation

Automation for Swing Gates

PWR50H – The new electromechanical operator for swing gate conceived for residential and condo applications. Designed and manufactured to bring you the highest quality, robustness and to cut installation, set-up and maintenance time. Allows for automation for up to 600kg or 8m.

PWR25H – The new electromechanical operator for swing gate conceived for residential applications. Designed and manufactured to bring you the highest quality, robustness and to cut installation, set-up and maintenance time. Allows for automation for up to 400kg or 2.5m.

Ditec Entrematic PWR25H PWR50H overground ram gate automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Gates

Neos - Automation for Sliding Gates

Ditec NeoS is the operating device for residential, commercial and industrial applications, designed to work even under intense use and in demanding environmental conditions.

Fast to install and easy to maintain, it’s available in 4 versions for gates of 300 kg, 400 kg, 600 kg and 1000 kg and comes with a control panel with display built in to the operating device. Two different performance levels are available: Ditec NeoS and Ditec NeoS+.

Ditec Entrematic Neos Sliding Gate Automation Auto Entry Systems

Automatic Doors

Swing and Sliding Door Automation

Label Neptis - Automation for Swing Doors

Mechanical Opening Swing Door

Neptis with its new range of automation systems for swing doors, is available in different models and can meet any market requirements: single and double leaf application, aluminium, wooden and metal doors for healthcare facilities, hospitals, care homes for elderly and disabled people, offices and public places.

Neptis safely manages leaf motion supervising all control devices; parameters like moving forces, opening/closing speed and obstacle presence are all controlled by a completely new software.

Neptis complies with the new EN16005 European Standard, and has undergone and successfully completed all tests prescribed by EN13849 standard, with particular attention to the failure analysis on all safety-related electronic components and has been granted with TÜV Quality Certification.

Label Spa Neptis operator Swing Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Label Evolus - Automation for Sliding Doors

Sliding door operator

EVOLUS is the automation for straight sliding doors equipped with the most advanced hardware and software solutions to ensure reliability and safety. It represents a real evolution between automatic door automation LABEL, starting from the technical arrangements to finish with the aesthetic designs. It complies with EN16005 European Standard and has passed all laboratory tests provided by EN13849.

Label Spa Evolus operator Sliding Door Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Ditec Dab 105 - Automation for Swing Doors

Automatic swing door operator for up to 200kg and 1.2m

Ditec DAB105 is an electromechanical servo-assisted automation system for swing doors with spring, with 24 V DC gear motor and encoder-managed kinematics, for safe and reliable management of door movement in every situation.

The powerful gear motor easily moves wings up to 200 kg of weight or over 1.2 m of width.

Ditec DAB105 ensures access without barriers and ease of operation.

Motor opening, spring & motor closing

Ditec Entrematic DAB105 operator Swing Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Ditec Dab 205 - Automation for Swing Doors

Automatic swing door operator for up to 400kg and 1.6m

Ditec DAB205 is the top of the range solution for swing door applications: its slim, elegant design make it perfect for any setting.

Ditec DAB205 has an extremely powerful gear reducer which performs opening and contributes to closing helped by a spring; it’s the highest performer in its market segment, it can automate swing doors up to 400 kg in weight and 1.6 m wide.

Ditec Entrematic DAB205 operator Swing Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Ditec Sprint

Automation for up to 110kg and 1.2m

Thanks to its neutral and elegant appearance, the Ditec Sprint automation system is the ideal solution for both residential and high-class environments, such as professional studios, shops, offices and hotels.

Available in light grey, black or elegant satin-finished aluminium, it is suitable for internal swing doors up to 110 kg and 1.2 metres wide.

Motor openin& motor closing

Target applications
Residential environment, internal doors
Small shops, offices, laboratories
OEM applications (i.e. door for elevators)
Buildings accessible by disabled or elderly people.

Ditecdatic Sprint operator Swing Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Pedestrian Swing Door Automation

Door automation for existing swing doors to allow disabled door access or simply ease of entry. The benefits of turning and existing swing door into an automated door are limitless.

Standard Operating Systems

Sturdy and versatile, ideal for very heavy duty
It is essential in case of demanding environmental conditions, such as external doors exposed to the wind and unfavorable weather conditions.

Fire Door Systems

For heavy duty fireproof doors.

Revolving Door Systems

Bespoke solutions and expert advice offered to ensure the right solution for your needs.

Our professional sales and project management team is trained to provide you with expert advice on all types of automatic doors and  pedestrian doors, including security, slide, swing, handicap, revolving automatic doors.

With Auto Entry Systems you can be sure the best, most qualified advice when it comes to choosing your automatic door solution.

Access Control


GSM Access Control Systems

The C-Gate System is an advanced secured system that is based on the cellular network. Can be used as both a gate and door automation accessory

The C-Gate system works with Caller ID and when an authorize number calls, the system will recognize the caller and open the gate with no call charge.

The C-Gate includes integrated notification capabilities that can be used to send SMS alerts when certain events take place.

For example it can be programmed to send an SMS alert to a phone number. Also user logs can be loaded into a computer.

GSMSWITCH Gate Automation Accessory

Act 5 Digital Key Pad

The Act 5 digital key pad is a poxi-resin filled 1 relay digital keypad. The resin give it a good sealing properties. The key pad numbers has a back light which allow easy use at night or low light. The act 5 works on Voltage 12/24.

ACT5 Act Access Control Keypad Auto Entry Systems

Act 10 Digital Keypad

The ACT 10 requires an operating voltage of 12 to 24 volts AC or DC. For full functionality use 12 volts DC supply. It has 2 x 5 amp relay outputs and the ACT 10 can be installed either 12/24 Volts AC/DC also indoors or outdoors (IP54) with an operating Temperature: -10 to +50 C. There is also flush mounting and weather shield 3 Outputs (100mA)accessories available for this product.

Auto Entry Systems Act10 Act Access Control Keypad

1 or 2 Channel Loop Detector

The Single or Double channel loop Vehicle Detector with two relay’s is an intelligent, extremely flexible and very affordable product. The LD160 is designed to accommodate numerous applications, can be adjusted intelligently to any environments and virtually eliminating false detection. External rotary switch come with 16 selectable sensitivity levels. On the front panel, the four selectable loop frequencies (20~80KHz) can completely eliminate any cross talk. If intermittence happen or failed loops get self-healed, the detector will resume to normal operation without manually reset the detector. Self-tuning & complete environmental tracking.Makes an essential gate automation accessory. No warm-up required. Two-color LED status indicator for Detect, Power, and Loop Fault indication.

Auto Entry Systems Loop Detector Gate Automation Accessory Access Control

ST 680 LCD Network Proximity Access Control System

Proximity main reader can be connected to computer to provide online information inquiry/setting, door opening and closing, alarm activation and etc. It can be used as standalone operation. Proximity card and key require no battery and are water proof, anti-magnetic and long lasting.

Proximity main system’s maximum capacity for valid cards is 9,000 cards. Each card self set individual password and time zone for entry and exit.When the reader has detected that the system has been damaged or the door has been opened illegally or the door did not close over a specific time limit, then alarm will be activated.

Auto Entry Systems Soca Access Control Keypad

In Car Transponders

Auto Entry systems use RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification technology. Radio frequency (RF) technology is commonly used to transmit and receive information without wires. A wide variety of electronic devices such as television, radio, and wireless telephone use radio frequency technology to transmit or receive information.

RFID solutions use modern wireless technologies to help your business track inventory and equipment. An RFID system is composed of an RFID reader, a standard Windows based PC, and RFID tags or transponders. The RFID tag is attached or placed inside of the equipment or inventory. RFID tags contain micro electronic circuits that store product information. The tags transmit this information to a remote RFID reader.

Licence Plate Recognition

Integrated system for vehicle plate detection Direct connection to the main access control system by TCP/IP Ethernet, System configurable by internet without being “on site” Higher affordability and functionality than traditional systems for plates detection.

Application available also with vehicle in movement.

Proximity Readers

Polycarbonate for fire proof with separate relay.

Waterproof proximity reader with read distance of 150mm.

Tamper switch with dual colour LED and sounder.

Membership Access Control

Most clubs are made up of many members, and each member is assigned a particular “status” that designates the type of membership the person holds. Memberships with a predefined set of statuses, but also allows you to add to them, or delete them all and define your own.

Finger Print Access Control

Specially made for time & attendance. It is used to ensure all clock in or clock out are made personally, As fingerprints is required.

No card or ID necessary for fingerprint matching back light and stainless steel construction.

Pedestrian Access Control

Electronic Key Lock The popularity of electronic key cards has increased dramatically in the past few years, largely due to its growing usage in business parks and hotels across the county. An electronic key lock is simply a device that uses electronics to validate those who are accessing it.

Most of these locks use electronic key cards that work very similar to ATM cards. Each card has a magnetic strip that is coded to unlock the corresponding lock. When the card slides through the lock, the card’s magnetic code is read. If the card holds the correct code, the card is confirmed and the lock is released.

Intercom Systems

Act 5 Entry Intercom

The ACTentry A5 is a door / gate entry system. The system comprises of an audio door / gate entry panel with integrated digital keypad and a hands-free intercom. Speak to visitors before granting access or authorized visitors can use a pin code. The ACTentry A5 is suitable for private residences with automatic gates and small commercial enterprises. The ACTentry A5 is an integrated solution making installation and programming quick and simple. The stylish entry panel and intercom are constructed of robust poly carbonate materials with an attractive and modern finish.

Act5 entry intercom Access Control Auto Entry Systems

GSM Intercom With Push Buttons

The 3G GSM Intercom an intercom system, installed at the entrance of a building. It is an ideal product replacing the traditional door phone. It allows you to speak with visitors standing at the entrance of your company or house entrance from a remote location. A visitor, by simply pressing the call button establishes a mobile call with you. During the call you will be able to activate realty. This GSM Intercom gives you the opportunity not only to know who is waiting at the entrance from a remote location but also to control the access point. Use of GSM Intercom at your company or house does not require any special installation and wiring. Simply install and connect the door latch and power supply.

GSM Intercom Access Control Auto Entry Systems

GSM Intercom With Keypad

The GSM Gate Intercom incorporates a professional industrial grade GSM engine that receives calls at its SIM number. The system operates in the GSM module Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz. When a visitor arrives they will press the call button on the intercom which will then connect to a phone number (up to 3 numbers can be added ) of your choosing, once you answer the phone and speak to them you can then open the gate from your phone and let them in remotely. You can also open the gates by dialing the sim card number held within the unit and also by pressing a combination of your choice on the keypad. The advantages of this over other systems are that you do not have to leave the car to open your gates, avoiding weather or safety issues, you don’t need to carry around a separate remote device or indeed replace it if it were to get lost!.

GSM Intercom with keypad Access Control Auto Entry Systems

Wireless Intercom With/Without Keypad

Digital D.E.C.T wireless intercom system with Digital keypad on call station. Has a working range of 100 meters. You can have up to 4 handsets per system. Two relays can be controlled from the digital key pad and the handset. Simple setup and install. Keypad option for coded access. Finished in Marine grade stainless steel constructed panels with toughened gloss acrylic trim. Built in voicemail feature for missed callers, user can listen to messages on handset. You can make internal calls between handsets. Unit comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

AES wireless intercom, Access Control Auto Entry Systems

Video Door Entry

The 2 Wire video door entry system uses the same wires of an audio door entry system with conventional wiring, thus enabling the substitution from audio door entry to video door entry without modifying the system.

The systems characterized by this technology do not require the use of the coaxial cable and are particularly useful in renovations.

The use of a new switcher allows the extension of this system even to the new ones, covering almost completely all the services usually available with a conventional wiring (6+N+coax) only.

For example, it is possible to realize systems with multiple main entrance panels or with a main panel and multiple stair-panels, while in flats it is allowed the installation of video door entries in parallel.

The simplified system often proves to be a valid low-cost alternative to the new BUS systems.

For the most glamorous realizations are available the elegant push-button panels in panto graphic brass (natural, coated with graphite and treated in PVD) of the new line “Old Style”.

Full Duplex Video Door System Without Coaxial Cable

The full duplex video door entry system without coaxial cable uses the technology of the balanced video signal developed for the 4+n systems, keeping unchanged the other features of solidity and easiness of intervention of the conventional video door entry systems.

The systems realized with this technology can be completely wired-up with traditional cables and are particularly useful in renovations.

The use of all audio components of the conventional system guarantees the maintenance of all the functions and services available in the systems with traditional wiring (6+N+coax).

For example, it is possible to realize systems with multiple main entrance panels or with a main panel and multiple stair-panels, and in flats it is allowed the installation of video Full duplex in parallel: it is furthermore possible the “in and out” connection of the video signal between the monitors so as to avoid the use of video distributors.

For the most glamorous realizations are available the elegant push-button panels in pantographic brass (natural, coated with Graphite and treated in PVD) of the new line “Old Style”.

The structure of this system enables furthermore the realization of systems with a high number of users and without any difficulty in programming with multiple main entrances, multiple stair entrances, and multiple additional control cameras, concierge unit with users intercommunication management.

The SYNTHESI digital monitors have the possibility to activate a local call with a sound different from that of the main call, and can be connected in parallel up to three monitors for each user (also handsets).

The video door entry call panels with built-in camera, realized on the base of the conventional panels of the “COMPONIBILE” series with the solid 4 mm frontal piece in aluminium, are available both with the traditional call buttons and with the digital keypad with access control function, also with repertory names; for the most glamorous realizations are available the elegant push-button panels in pantographic brass and treated in PVD of the new line “Old Style”!

The system enables to connect as en external camera also the common TVCC cameras.

GSM and Wireless Intercom Systems

With the innovations in the intercom industry we can now offer test and successful GSM and Wireless intercom systems. No wires required. Ideal for exciting installations. Can be installed in installations that have up to 200 apartments. Connect to your intercom from anywhere in the world.

Ditec Entramtic Qik Barrier Auto Entry Systems


Automatic Barrier Systems

When it comes to choosing a company to advise and install, Auto Entry Systems are experts with over 25 years of Barrier installation and automated access control managment.

Our expert engineers can advise you on the best and most suitable systems for your barrier installation.

We also maintain and repair all makes and models of barriers including DITEC, FAAC, DEA, CAME, SEA to name a few.


For a free quote or advice on existing system phone us now on 1850 500 500  for no obligation advice or quote.

Automatic Barriers

Private areas, commercial or industrial companies often require access control to their car parking sites to allow entrance to duly authorized people only. Nowadays, although technology offers a variety of control systems, barriers remain the simplest and most convenient solution to control parking access. The range of barriers that we support are from 2.5 Meter to 9 Meters and 24 V and 230 V Auto Entry systems offers a winning product:

Barriers can easily and effectively meet your parking-access requirements. They have a simple and functional design. They are provided in their traditional RAL 2000 orange colour, specifically chosen for safety reasons or in stainless steel, to withstand the harshest weather conditions and saltiness, which is a common problem in coastal areas. Furthermore, boom arms of different length allow Upper traffic barriers to meet any particular requirement.

Casing made of sheet-metal 3 mm thickness, folded and welded with zinc treatment and polyester powder coating preferably RAL2000 (other colour on request), with removable front cover. White aluminium boom of rectangular profile or tube in lengths 2.5 to 9 m with red reflective stripes.

Electromechanical drive which includes single-phase motor 230 VAC , worm gear crank shaft mechanics, limit switches and balancing spring.

Microprocessor control panel with plug-in connector for remote control receiver and loop detector. Control panel incorporates all control and safety functions.

2-4.5 Meter Barrier
5-8 Meter Barrier
9-12 Meter Barrier

Horizontal Barrier Systems

Housing made of 3mm thick steel sheet zinc treated with polyester powder coating preferably RAL3020 (other colour on request) with removable front door Electromechanical drive including single-phase motor 230VAC, worm gear, crank mechanism, axle, adjustable end switches

Sinusoidal shift of motor angular momentum to the arm ensures fluent start and stop of the arm Specially developed control unit enables connection of any control and security components

Either round or profile aluminum arm (max. length 7m), white with red/blue reflective stripes Either left or right version

Certification based Declaration of conformity Stainless steel version available


Automatic, Chain & Manual

Automatic Bollards

This system was conceived the security of strategic accesses against ramvehicles.

Our high security access control solutions are designed for protection of public or private streets to vehicular traffic, permitting only authorized vehicle access by retracting the bollard or bollards into the ground.

The automatic rising bollard sinks into the ground in less than 4 seconds(adjustable) by means of a remote control device, thus clearing the way for traffic, and rises back once the vehicle has passed through.

Chain Bollards

This is a unit specially design for holding car spaces. The chain can bemanufactured out of plastic or steel.

The units are 1000mm in height and can have a chain length of 10 meters.

Energy Bollards

This is a pop-up tower for the distribution of electricity and similar servicessuch as telephone lines, compressed air and water. Easily adapted to itsarchitectural surroundings.

The MODEL ENERGY is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation, especially in those areas occasionally used for events of ally types, such as squares,pedestrian precincts, open markets, exhibitions, concerts and festivals. It’s perfect for multi-purpose centers such as exhibition sites, camping sites and harbors.

Manual Bollards

High Security Bollards-Decorative. The Bollards has multiple operation variations. It can be fixed post verse hydraulically, pneumatically or manually operated. This bollard has a diameter of 127mm to 325mm and can be utilized with or without decorative aluminium casting in a variety of styles. This bollard system is crash rated by the department of State and Department of Defense.

Hotel Control Systems

Membership Control Systems

Contact Information

All of the basic contact information is available, including the complete name, photograph, company name, address, email, telephone, website, occupation/job title, reference, etc. In addition, Membership Professional allows for unlimited addresses per membership record and even allows you to assign a date range within which each address is valid so the system can automatically keep track of the “current” address. This “current address” feature is a real time-saver when members have different summer and winter addresses!

Membership Types

Most clubs are made up of many members, and each member is assigned a particular “status” that designates the type of membership the person holds. Memberships with a predefined set of statuses, but also allows you to add to them, or delete them all and define your own.

So regardless of whether your club has statuses like “Family” and “Single” or more generic terms like “Prospect” and “Regular”, Membership will let you set up exactly what you need. In addition, a little extra setup work will let the system automatically move members from one status to another as their memberships expire. Never worry about who is active and inactive again!

Dues Payment

Membership enables you to enter any number of dues payments for each membership record. Memberships (standard version) lets you enter the amount and date paid, the membership status purchased, and additional comments. Once you have set up your dues information, you can also use the Dues Calculator to figure the amount of dues owed for a given status for a given month. Credit card information can also be stored per member for one or more cards. Membership Professional expands the dues functionality to give you individual dues “accounts” to which you can post both debit and credit entries using a system of dues Posting Types.

Roles & Achievements

If your club recognizes members for their achievements, tracks offices or positions held, or just needs to know when someone was involved in a particular type of activity, you can record it using membership or club “Items.” Items are used as a generic way of describing all of the “things” your members can be involved in. You can create distinct item categories, such as “Member Achievements” or, “Offices,” and then assign items to those. For example, in the Offices category, you might create items of “President” and “Vice President.” Then you could assign the Offices/President item to the person who held that position, and add a comment indicating the year they were in office. Items and Item Categories can be used very creatively!

To Do Lists

Every busy club has things that need to be done. Sometimes the To do is related to a specific member, and other times it is more generic. Sometimes you (the user of Membership) needs a reminder just for yourself. The To do List feature in Membership enables you to track To do items for any membership or club record, or for yourself. You can print your outstanding To do list, display future items, and of course, mark them as done as you complete them.

Pedestrian Systems

Surveillance & Monitoring

Surveillance & Anti-Escape

Surveillance ACTIVE System has been projected thinking to all the problems due to concerning the control of old people unable or with mind troubles, kids and children, etc and its studied for nursing homes and hospitals.

This system &lows working on two different sides: from one side we have got continuous nd careful control in the full respect of the need of the person, from the other side we will reduce the number of the people added to this control.

The ANTI-ESCAPE system is based on proximity technology (“hands free”) and its made by little portable transmitters (transponders or TAG) under the form of bracelet or credit card: in case of transit by the person with these systems next to doors or gates with antennas, the system can activate an acoustic or lighting signal (Ex: siren or lightning) or to release an electric-lock allowing a ready participation.

The ANTI ESCAPE System follows all the most recent regulations and European safety standards and it can be completely completed with others anti-robbery devices and similar items.

People Monitoring

Every patient has got a TAG (ACTIVE-940) similar to a watch (*) and the loop antennas are enclosed inside the doors jambs and/or planted under the floor to check. The TAG has got a code that allows identifying the patient while he is walking next to the controlled door: after this recognition the system is able to give a signal (acoustic or visual) or block an electric-lock, saving the data (hour, movement, Tag code) for prints elaborations and statistics.

Child Monitoring

In order to prevent kidnappings or changes, every kid will wear (on the wrist or on the leg) a bracelet TAG (ACTIVE-940) that only the authorised
personnel can take off. This bracelet allows the activation of an alarm when the kid is moved over a door, and its an immediate recognition signal.
(*) the TAG doesn’t give any kind of problem or disturb to the pace makers users.

Counter Control Systems

RADIO-CODE 2000 is the ideal solution to control the problem of the QUEUE. Ideal for: banks, post offices, supermarkets etc.

RADIO-CODE 2000 works by radio system and has the great advantage not to use connection cables with consequent saving of time and costs

Every Customer who wants to approach to the RADIO-CODE 2000 service must take, next appropriate vending machine, the ticket with progressive number and therefore to wait for its own turn. On the luminous unit will appear the progressive tickets number (red writing) and that one of free counter (green writing).

The operator must press the call push-button of his luminous terminal when he wants indicate its own availability:

  • acoustic signalling;
  • red wriften AWAIT is turned off, green wriften COUNTER is turned on
  • TICKET’S number is increased;
  • The number of the free counter is visualized, between a number and another one there is an interval for about six seconds;

Time and Attendance

Automated Time Management

Your automated time management solution

Because their time is your money …

Build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexi-balances, roistering and holiday leave with time and attendance – one of the most powerful tools available for recording and analyzing hours worked.

If you are looking to manage the cost of labour and absenteeism in your organization, Time & Attendance management software is an easy to use, powerful, automated system that captures 100% of your organization’s rules and work practices.

In brief, Time and attendance:

  • Saves you time and eliminates errors
  • Promotes employee self-service
  • Ensures compliance with legislation
  • Manages and controls absenteeism
  • Supports work-life balance
  • It does more than record attendance.
  • Is an advanced management reporting tool
  • Incorporates a Mini-HR system and integrates with HR & Payroll systems
  • Guarantees security and full audit trail
  • Is a versatile, powerful, client-server and/or web-based solution

Like to find out more? Get a Car Park Equipment representative to contact you…

Traditional badge and card-based swipes
Proximity Smart Cards
PIN terminals
Biometric finger scanners
Touch screen kiosks
PC based login / logout options
Assumed clocking
Clock or log once for attendance
Honour based timesheets
For remote employees, a web-based data collection option allows staff to log their hours from anywhere once they have access to the internet.


Revolving & Full Height

Bidirectional low-level turnstile ATR800 is designed for rapid access control to restricted areas. Low-level tripod turnstile. Case of 1,5 mm thick stainless steel sheet, removable top cover.

Solid tripod turnstile mechanics zinc treated, tripod arms made of stainless steel tubes.

Top cover with possibility of access control equipment (proximity readers, etc.) installation.

Revolving Turnstile

Revolving turnstile for access control, height 1400mm, motor drive, for interior use

Bidirectional revolving turnstile, suitable for any access control system Either mono directional or bidirectional mode

Either stainless steel or powder coating in RAL shade
Possibility of obstacles made of straight stainless steel tubes, bent stainless steel tubes or protective glass

Main advantages:

High level of security turnstile, protects against unauthorized access to restricted areas

Unidirectional/bidirectional mode possibility Only one person may pass in desired direction

Standard polished stainless steel finish, optionally brushed stainless steel or powder coated steel Equipped with emergency unblocking mechanism for passage release.

Full Height Turnstile

Bi-directional manual driven full-height turnstile for selective access to restricted areas.

Turnstile of high security level ensures efficient access control to restricted areas.

Mono or bi-directional rotation.

Passage for only one person in authorised direction.

Frame construction made of painted, stainless steel or hot-galvanized profiles, rotor made of painted or stainless steel tubes.

Customized colour finish.

Turnstile high security for a complete protection anti-intrusion
that allows single passage in both directions.

  • stainless steel structure inox 304
  • external emergency release
  • antipanic device
  • led signal for easier way in / way-out
  • net side metal protection in FE 37, 5 micro zinc-chromed coated and painted black RAL 9005
  • passage: 500 mm approx
  • dimensions: h 2100 – l 1300 – W 1300 mm. – weight: Kg. 450

Road Blockers

Sectional & Industrial

Main Advantages

Motor housing made of 3mm thick zinc treated steel, upper layer polyester powder coating standard RAL 3020

Hydraulic gear contains 3-phase electromotor driving electronically controlled hydraulic unit

Barrier itself made of rolled steel profiles, cover 12mm thick, all hot galvanised, head made of 3mm thick plate (white with red reflex stripes or black with yellow stripes)

Red / Green traffic for one-way traffic as a component of engine housing

AGN2.0 control unit provides all control and security functions of road blocker.

Road Barrier placed in pit in closed position cover at the level of road