Label Neptis Invers Operator

Label Neptis Invers

The swing door for the evacuation of the fumes! Automation for swing doors for smoke evacuation

Label Neptis is the range of swing door automations able to meet the most varied requirements for every type of installation.

Available in single and double leaf versions , with spring or motor closing , with emergency battery, in aluminum, wood, metal, for the disabled, for offices and public places, the NEPTIS range offers solutions for many fields of application .

The model LABEL NEPTIS INVERS in particular has been designed to allow the opening of the spring door for the evacuation of smoke in case of fire , emergency or power failure.



  • INVERS spring opening, max capacity per leaf 250 Kg, automation dimensions 550x110x120 mm
  • INVERS-B   spring opening, max capacity per leaf 250 Kg, automation dimensions730x110x120 mm, built-in battery
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