Label Neptis Swing Door Automation Operator


The traditional swing automation for every requirement! From 120 to 300 Kg. leaves. Single and double swing door automation with continuous cover LABEL NEPTIS is the range of automation for swinging doors capable of meeting the most varied installation requirements.
Label Neptis Swing Door Automation Operator

Neptis Invers

The swing door for the evacuation of the fumes! Automation for swing doors for smoke evacuation. LABEL NEPTIS is the range of swing door automation able to meet the most varied requirements for every type of installation. Available in single and double leaf versions , with spring or motor closing , with emergency battery, in aluminum, wood, metal, for the disabled, for offices and public places, the NEPTIS range offers solutions for many fields of application .
DAB105 Swing Door Automation


Ditec DAB105 is an electromechanical servo-assisted automation system for swing doors with spring, with 24 V DC gear motor and encoder-managed kinematics, for safe and reliable management of door movement in every situation. The powerful gear motor easily moves wings up to 200 kg of weight or over 1.2 m of width.

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DAB205 Swing Door Automation


Ditec DAB205 is the top of the range solution for swing door applications: its slim, elegant design make it perfect for any setting. Ditec DAB205 has an extremely powerful gear reducer which performs opening and contributes to closing helped by a spring; it’s the highest performer in its market segment, it can automate swing doors up to 400 kg in weight and 1.6 m wide.

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Sprint Swing Door Automation Motor


Thanks to its neutral and elegant appearance, the Ditec Sprint automation system is the ideal solution for both residential and high-class environments, such as professional studios, shops, offices and hotels. Available in light grey, black or elegant satin-finished aluminium, it is suitable for internal swing doors up to 110 kg and 1.2 metres wide.

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Safety Sensor SSS-5

Automatic swing door safety sensor with 6 spots of detection per PCB unit.

900mm of door face safety at an installation height of 2.2m

Available in 3 different lengths (360mm, 692mm and 1,023mm)

Robust, easy to install and EN16005 compliant.

Activation/Presence Sensor HR50-UNI

Miniature sliding & swing door activation sensor.

Uni-directional detecting technology for reduced door hold opening times.

Turtle mode for enhanced pedestrian safety.

Microwave technology.

Finger Protector Roller Type

The FP200 roller blind type finger protector protects fingers from getting trapped at the hinge side of automatic swing doors.

Sleek design does not interfere with door aesthetics.

EN16005 compliant versions available.