Label Evolus

Label Evolus

The quality that lasts over the years! Automation for standard sliding doors and telescopic doors

LABEL EVOLUS  is the automation system for   new generation of linear sliding doors , equipped with the most advanced hardware and software solutions to guarantee reliability and safety .

The EVOLUS automation system is a real evolution in the field of automatic doors. The anti-noise rubber profile and the special mechanics guarantee maximum silence , while the robustness and electronics, housed in the appropriate case, allow continuous use in any weather and environmental conditions, with a constant quality over the years.

The EVOLUS range is available in different versions with capacities up to 200 kg. The automation system is equipped with three-wheel sliding carriages that offer a wide range of adjustment and stability of the doors.

The software has an intuitive user interface that allows fast programming and helps to make the mounting and starting times of the automatic doors particularly fast.

The Evolus series has a wide range of sensors that control movement and make the door extremely safe .

Models for EVOLUS sliding doors

  • Evolus 90/1 single leaf (maximum capacity per leaf 130 Kg)
  • Evolus 90/2 double leaf (maximum capacity per leaf 90 Kg)
  • Evolus 150/1 single leaf (maximum capacity per leaf 200 Kg)
  • Evolus 150/2 double door (maximum capacity per door 150 Kg)

The system panic breakout for emergency exits is available over the entire range of Evolus automatic doors with maximum flow rate per leaf up to 100 Kg.  


EVOLUS certifications

  • Machinery Directive: 2006/42 CE;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility directive: EMC 2014/30 / UE;
  • Low Voltage Directive: LVD 2014/35 / EU.

EVOLUS complies with the European Standard  EN 16005 and has passed all the laboratory tests required by the EN 13849 standard  .

The Evolus sliding door system is also available in the Evolus TF version  , certified for environments subject to fire regulations   including underground parking.