Label Evolus Sliding Automatic Doors Auto Entry Systems

Evolus - Label Sliding Door Automation

LABEL EVOLUS is the automation system for new generation of linear sliding door automation , equipped with the most advanced hardware and software solutions to guarantee reliability and safety .The EVOLUS automation system is a real evolution in the field of automatic doors. The anti-noise rubber profile and the special mechanics guarantee maximum silence , while the robustness and electronics, housed in the appropriate case, allow continuous use in any weather and environmental conditions, with a constant quality over the years.
Ditec Entrematic Olly C - sliding door automation

Olly C - Ditec Sliding Door Automation

Ditec Olly C contributes to the better planning of residential space and work environments, making them suitable for a larger number of people and allowing them to perfectly meet the requirements of greater comfort, security and accessibility. Easy to install, it offers a wide array of possibilities for personalising the operating mode, from simple PUSH&GO, to activation using sensors or radio-controlled operation. For doors and sliding frames weighing up to 40 kg (1 wing) or 55 kg (2 wings).

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Activation/Presence Sensor HR50-UNI

Miniature sliding & swing door activation sensor.

Uni-directional detecting technology for reduced door hold opening times.

Turtle mode for enhanced pedestrian safety.

Microwave technology.

Can be used in both Swing & Sliding door automation

Activation & Safety Sensor

Infrared technology, automatic door activation and safety sensor.

Accurately adjustable detection area eliminates false door openings in busy urban environments.

Featuring, Door Learn and Uni-directional detecting technology.

EN16005 compliant, with dual relay outputs.