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Swing and Sliding Door Automation

Label Neptis Automatic Doors - Automation for Swing Doors

Neptis with its new range of automation systems for swing doors, is available in different models and can meet any market requirements: single and double leaf application, aluminium, wooden and metal doors for healthcare facilities, hospitals, care homes for elderly and disabled people, offices and public places.

Neptis safely manages leaf motion supervising all control devices; parameters like moving forces, opening/closing speed and obstacle presence are all controlled by a completely new software.

Neptis complies with the new EN16005 European Standard, and has undergone and successfully completed all tests prescribed by EN13849 standard, with particular attention to the failure analysis on all safety-related electronic components and has been granted with TÜV Quality Certification.

Label Spa Neptis operator Swing Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Label Evolus - Automation for Sliding Doors

EVOLUS is the automation for straight sliding doors equipped with the most advanced hardware and software solutions to ensure reliability and safety. It represents a real evolution between automatic door automation LABEL, starting from the technical arrangements to finish with the aesthetic designs. It complies with EN16005 European Standard and has passed all laboratory tests provided by EN13849.
Label Spa Evolus operator Sliding Door Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Ditec Dab 105 - Automation for Swing Doors

Ditec DAB105 is an electromechanical servo-assisted automation system for swing doors with spring, with 24 V DC gear motor and encoder-managed kinematics, for safe and reliable management of door movement in every situation.

The powerful gear motor easily moves wings up to 200 kg of weight or over 1.2 m of width.

Ditec DAB105 ensures access without barriers and ease of operation.

Motor opening, spring & motor closing

Ditec Entrematic DAB105 operator Swing Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Ditec Dab 205 - Automation for Swing Doors

Ditec DAB205 is the top of the range solution for swing door applications: its slim, elegant design make it perfect for any setting.

Ditec DAB205 has an extremely powerful gear reducer which performs opening and contributes to closing helped by a spring; it’s the highest performer in its market segment, it can automate swing doors up to 400 kg in weight and 1.6 m wide.

Ditec Entrematic DAB205 operator Swing Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

Ditec Sprint

Automation for up to 110kg and 1.2m

Thanks to its neutral and elegant appearance, the Ditec Sprint automation system is the ideal solution for both residential and high-class environments, such as professional studios, shops, offices and hotels.

Available in light grey, black or elegant satin-finished aluminium, it is suitable for internal swing doors up to 110 kg and 1.2 metres wide.

Motor openin& motor closing

Target applications
Residential environment, internal doors
Small shops, offices, laboratories
OEM applications (i.e. door for elevators)
Buildings accessible by disabled or elderly people.

Ditecdatic Sprint operator Swing Door Automation Auto Entry Systems Automatic Doors

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Pedestrian Swing Automatic Doors

Door automation for existing swing doors to allow disabled door access or simply ease of entry. The benefits of turning and existing swing doors into an automatic doors are limitless.

Standard Operating Systems

Sturdy and versatile, ideal for very heavy duty
It is essential in case of demanding environmental conditions, such as external doors exposed to the wind and unfavorable weather conditions.

Fire Automatic Door Systems

For heavy duty fireproof doors.