Aluminium round arm for openings ranging up to 7.6 m

with guaranteed periodic servicing
– total operation counter keeps track of the total number of cycles carried out by the operating device
– partial operation counter (can be reset) to program a maintenance threshold at which the flashing light will tell your customer
that it’s time to carry out servicing!


Aluminium elliptic arm for openings ranging from 1.3 m to 5.8 m

adjustment made simple
– trimmers for an easy speed adjustment during opening,
closing and for automatic closing time
– force and braking space adjustment
– memory module for storing remote controls: if the control
panel is replaced, the memory module can be mounted in a
new control panel
– LED diagnostics on the control panel


Up to 4 meters

Service Class: 4 (minimum 10÷5 years of working life with 100÷200 cycles per day)

Applications: INTENSE (for condominial, industrial and commercial entrances, parking spaces with intense vehicle or pedestrian access)

Automatic Doors
Road Blockers