Internet Based Gate Automation & Access Control Accessory Swing Gate Automation & Sliding Gate Automation

Coralan Cloud Management Solution

Coralan Cloud Management is a web-based system that automatically monitors all types of industrial doors, gates, barriers and bollards. Each gate/door reports any possible faults in real-time and calculates probable service dates based on actual use.

In addition to the extensive business intelligence generated through Coralan Cloud Management, it also provides service organisations with a unique opportunity to offer more customer value when monitoring and administering managed customer facilities.

GSM Gate Automation & Access Control Accessory

GSM Access Control Systems

The C-Gate System is an advanced secured system that is based on the cellular network. Can be used as both a gate and door automation accessory

The C-Gate system works with Caller ID and when an authorize number calls, the system will recognize the caller and open the gate with no call charge.

The C-Gate includes integrated notification capabilities that can be used to send SMS alerts when certain events take place.

For example it can be programmed to send an SMS alert to a phone number. Also user logs can be loaded into a computer.

ACT5 Act Access Control Keypad Auto Entry Systems

Act 5 Digital Key Pad

The Act 5 digital key pad is a poxi-resin filled 1 relay digital keypad. The resin give it a good sealing properties. The key pad numbers has a back light which allow easy use at night or low light. The act 5 works on Voltage 12/24.
Auto Entry Systems Act10 Act Access Control Keypad

Act 10 Digital Keypad

The ACT 10 requires an operating voltage of 12 to 24 volts AC or DC. For full functionality use 12 volts DC supply. It has 2 x 5 amp relay outputs and the ACT 10 can be installed either 12/24 Volts AC/DC also indoors or outdoors (IP54) with an operating Temperature: -10 to +50 C. There is also flush mounting and weather shield 3 Outputs (100mA)accessories available for this product.
Auto Entry Systems Soca Access Control Keypad

Keypad & Prox Reader

Compact with water-proof designed to accommodate different physical requirements. Separate relay for security. The keypad is outside the building where the relay Remains inside the building. Keypad has a back light and Dual- color LED indicator and Beep sound to indicate its current and proximity function. Polycarbonatefireproof material for casing in dark-gray. Proximity range 15cm(max).Power supply:12VDC+-10%.
Auto Entry Systems Loop Detector Gate Automation Accessory Access Control

1 or 2 Channel Loop Detector

The Single or Double channel loop Vehicle Detector with two relay’s is an intelligent, extremely flexible and very affordable product. The LD160 is designed to accommodate numerous applications, can be adjusted intelligently to any environments and virtually eliminating false detection. External rotary switch come with 16 selectable sensitivity levels. On the front panel, the four selectable loop frequencies (20~80KHz) can completely eliminate any cross talk. If intermittence happen or failed loops get self-healed, the detector will resume to normal operation without manually reset the detector. Self-tuning & complete environmental tracking.Makes an essential gate automation accessory. No warm-up required. Two-color LED status indicator for Detect, Power, and Loop Fault indication.